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Nestled in the centre of Old Hobart town you'll find Australia's most historic whisky distillery.  As you stroll around Salamanca Place and the waterfront you'll feel and re-live the history of this beautiful old sea-port, the second oldest settlement in Australia. At the eastern end of Sullivans Cove, in what was Wapping (the colony's notorious red-light district) there remains an exciting and colourful piece of Van Diemen's Land's past. Identified by the 38 metre chimney stack (built at the turn of the century) the area known as 'Old Gasworks Village' is the home of Tasmania Distillery. Back in 1822, a little upstream from here on the banks of the now largely hidden Hobart Rivulet, a Mr. Midwood started operating the colony's very first distillery. The Tasmania Distillery at Sullivans Cove, Hobart, has been distilling single malt whisky and producing spirits and liqueurs since 1996. The Tasmania Distillery is proud to continue this distilling tradition, using only the finest Tasmanian  ingredients to produce a whisky. Their range includes Sullivans Cove single malt whisky, Old Hobart cask strength single malt whisky, Mt. Wellington gin, Victory vodka, Golden Age whisky liqueur and Barrington fruit liqueurs.

A visit to Tasmania Distillery is an experience not to be missed. There's the distillery, museum and distillery shop.

Thanks to Patick Maguire (manager of Tasmanian Distillery) for his support.