Latest update: October 13th 2013



003. Duvel

Some very special miniatures comes from Duvel, yes the beer brand. As a special feature Duvel had some of their beer distilled and put into casks 3 years. This was such a success that they also released a 4-year-old. But just as with the previous release it was sold out soon.

002. Old Mackly

001. Gold Fighter - Fovel

In 1863, Francois-Xavier de Beukelaer discovers in Antwerp, the recipe of Elixir d’Anvers. From there the company F.X. de Beukelaer grew out to be a respected distillery. The company produces Elixir d’Anvers, Elixir de Spa, Bökland vodkas and gins, jenever and some liqueurs.

Somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s, they got in contact with a Scottish whisky distillery and with their advice F.X. de Beukelaer started producing Belgian whisky. The principle of distilling was the same, the difference being that the spirit was not older than 3 years. The whisky that was produced carried the name Old Mackly.



 Fovel Distillery was founded in 1864. The company mainly produces jenevers and liqueurs. But looking in the newsletter of the Belgian Club for Mini Bottles Collectors I saw they also had a miniature whisky. So here it is, Gold Fighter.



Special thanks to Eric Bultinck for the Duvel miniatures. Thanks to Emile de Beukelaer (chairman of F.X. de Beukelaer) and  Diederik Fovel (Fovel Distilleerderij) for their support.