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sdlThe story of this distillery takes its setting in Sikkim - the Hidden Valley of Rice, the land of peace, happiness and contentment, snuggly perched in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. This land, of pristine glory, covered by virgin forests and gurgling streams, fed by pure melted snow, of the lofty Himalayan peaks, is witness to the remarkable enterprise of a small unit (a unit that was totally destroyed by a landslide in the very first year of its operations) clustered among the hills. In this tranquil, but at times geologically treacherous, surroundings is located, Sikkim Distilleries Limited, a 48-year-old company established by the order of the Chogyal, the then ruler of the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim. The distillery, situated in the North Eastern corner of India, is known worldwide for the fine quality of liquors produced and marketed under the brand name of Sikkim Liquours.

A well-cared for, happy and efficient workforce led by a very energetic and dynamic management team is the key behind the success of this distillery. A team of over two hundred and sixty sincere workers complimented by a team of twenty-four odd committed management staff ensures that the distillery is run efficiently. The staff can avail of free electricity, water, housing, limitless medical care to the entire family, scholarships for the education of the children and more.

The proof of the quality of liquors finally rests with its acceptance by the consumer, but what goes into making a fine liquor - is the dedication and perspiration of the workers, inspired by the high quality of the management, blended together with the excellent quality of raw materials that are then matured for a number of years in wooden vats and barrels.

Sikkim WhiskiesThe Whiskies of Sikkim from left to right: Red Barrel Noble Malt Whisky; Sikkim Old Gold Premium Single Malt Whisky is a blend of selected well-matured malt alcohol, Extra Neutral Alcohol and Himalayan spring water. The product is also attractively packaged in a traditional gurkha knife khukri shaped bottle; Sikkim Shangrila Whisky; Sikkim Corn Whisky compares well with American Bourbon Whiskey and is produced purely from corn alcohol and extra neutral alcohol; Sikkim Special Whisky.