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ManX is distilled from the finest single malt whisky which has been matured in oak casks – by our Celtic neighbours, but this is followed by a purification process to bottling.

In the Isle of Man, we have perfected a way to re-distill mature whisky and retain much of the deep  aromas and tastes that the spirit has acquired whilst resisting in the burnt oak barrels over many years.

Andrew Dixon is the co-author of a patented process which enhances the taste and aroma of matured spirits by utilizing a re-distillation technique. The result is a spirit that captures the complex tastes of the matured single malt whisky, but in a liquid that is crystal clear.

The nice guys in Bonny Scotland want us to respect the years their spirit has spent in ancient barrels. And so we should.

But a lot of us want the taste of whisky without the muddy brown colour to get in the way of our favourite cocktail.

And when we’ve mixed our favourite drink – we want it to look good.

That’s half the fun of a good cocktail; the colours of orange, lemon & cranberry. But if you start with a good measure of whisky your’re going to be looking at a long, tall glass of muddy water.

So the ManX is the best of both worlds. Truly an evolutionary step in the distiller’s art. It can take its place alongside the great malt and grain spirits of the world. Sip it neat, with a little water, soda or ice.

Or treat ManX to a night on the town in a sophisticated cocktail bar.


ManX spirit is currently available in two formats:

-         ManX Red: distilled from Blended Whisky, aged at least 5 years.

-         ManX Blue: ManX Blue is distilled from a pure malt whisky aged at least 5 years that has undergone our unique intensification process – much as

           a chef reduces a sauce we remove some of the neutral alcohol during the distillation process (the finished drink is still 40 % ABV) thereby giving

           an intense flavor to the drink.

Source: The ManX distillery website


Personal note by Paul’s Whisk(e)y Miniature World:

In the early 1970's Lucian Landau, co-founder of the London Rubber Company and author of numerous patents, decided to apply his knowledge of organic chemistry to the "Art of Distilling".

In 1992 the Glen Kella Distillers stopped making Glen Kella - Manx Whiskey, after a High Court case in which was decided that there never should be a Manx Whiskey. The spirit in now called ManX (ManEx) Manx Spirit. It is still produced from aged malt whiskey.