Latest update: April 27th 2015




After an absence of 3 years another visit to Auchentoshan. On arrival, just in front of me, Leon Zonneveld, owner of the Dutch off-licence store Zonneveld arrived, with his daughter. We took the tour together with a knowledgeable tour guide, that still was willing to learn more from people who know something about the industry.

A great tour finishing with a taste of a single cask bottling sitting in the warehouse. Just as the times I have been at the distillery before a great reception and beautiful tour.


The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend, and his travelling companion Hennie van Staden. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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Having some time left during my stay in Glasgow, I thougth it would be an opportunity to revisit Auchtentoshan distillery. Three years after my last visit to the distillery, I went back to the distillery to find a completely changed distillery. No, the distillery itself and its gear are all intact. But the entrance and the visitor centre had an overhaul. Although the visitor centre is not that old yet, it was completely renewed and set up in the new branding, as also is used on the bottles. It gave the distillery a totally new image.

The distillery shop and tasting room are set up very well, and certainly worth a visit and even a re-visit.
















Just about a year ago, I visited the Auchentoshan distillery. Sadly enough, just before I went out there my camera fell out of my bag. So a visit without pictures. The distillery looked nice enough and the distilleries visitor centre had opened not so long ago. Ronnie Learmond, Auchentoshan’s distillery manager, explained to me that this was the perfect omen to pay the distillery another visit.

         So, almost exactly a year later I went back to the distillery with a new camera. The distillery was buzzing, 2 bus loads of visitors walking around through the visitor centre. In a years time the distilleries visitor centre already grew out to be a huge success. Even that much, that they are working at a special VIP room. And even so busy, that they are already thinking about ways to enlarge the visitor facilities.

Tour guide Graeme, kind of took me along on the tour, allowing me to take the necessary pictures, while he was giving a tour to a bus load of Norwegian visitors. Although I was caught up in getting the right pictures and was running forth and back to enable Graeme to do his job as a guide, I still was able to catch parts of the tour. An enthusiastic story, leaving you to think that this tour is going on for years and years.

The distillery of course known because of their triple distillation, is finally making its way. It took a long time to realise that they had a good whisky, but also had to let other people know just that. Currently they are working to enlarge their market to countries as Taiwan and Russia. Distillery manager Ronnie Learmond, is looking forward to the many opportunities that are coming up. He is, as to be expected from a good manager, convinced of the quality of his products, and right he is. Now the only thing that  is left to do is getting the message out.

As the distillery is situated just outside Glasgow, between the city and Glasgow airport, it is an ideal distillery to visit when you are around Glasgow.

By the way, in the last picture you see manager Ronnie Learmond (on the left) and one of his crew. I think they wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t get back into the distillery (just kidding or not?).