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The pictures in the slide show at the right, were taken by Frans Brouwer Ė The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

In March 2014 the owning company of Bladnoch went into administration, thus stopping the operations in the distillery. The search for new owners is still going on.

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Some time ago Raymond Armstrong asked me, when I would visit Bladnoch. Well it was time to follow up on that and pay the distillery a visit.

Bladnoch was founded in 1817 by the brothers McClelland. It survived during hard times, but changed hands regularly during the years. In 1983 Bellís took over the distillery, which in turn was taken over by United Distillers in 1987. They closed down the distillery and sold it to Irishman Raymond Armstrong in 1994. It took until 2000, before he was allowed to start distilling.

The distillery hasnít changed much since he took over and will run irregularly.

At the time I visit the distillery it is not running. The stillmen are botlling a cask of Bladnoch. This is a job they do all the time along with their work in the distillery. The staff at the distillery contains of 2 stillmen, and about 5 ladies working at the shop and doing administration. Help is there from owner Raymond and his family.

The distillery is set in the south of Scotland, close to the border with England. Bladnoch, which is named after the river that runs under the distillery. The distillery is closely linked to the Wigtown bookfestival, especially this year as the festival had whisky at its theme. Part of the festival is held at the distillery.