Latest update: November 6th 2009


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Daftmill farm close to Cupar is on my list. Farmer Francis Cuthbert will show me round. You might ask why do I want to visit a farm. Well on my way up I took a taxi, and the driver knew where the farm was, but what he didnít know is that they are also distilling whisky at the farm.

After driving up to the farm, the first buildings we see make it quite clear that there are distilling activities here. Francis Cuthbert decided to use his barley, to make his own whisky. There is a good water source, with the Daft Burn, so what keeps you from distilling. Well you will need a license. In 2005 this license was granted and the former Daft Mill is turned into a distillery.

The distillery is running now since 2005 and slowly their warehouses are filling up. Most of the casks are bourbon, but there are also a few sherry casks around. It unlikely that there will be a bottling of Daftmill in the near future. They want to give the whisky all the time to develop. It is a small distillery that is run by the Cuthbert family along with their farming activities.

The buildings look beautiful in this rural setting. As beautiful as it was to see the distillery running, it was as beautiful to see the beautiful buildings that they turned into a distillery.

We probably will have to wait another 5 to 7 years, as the whisky is maturing in the beautiful setting.