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3dflagsdotcom_uksco_2faws DALMORE DISTILLERY VISIT 2008


The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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For over 160 years, the distillery has produced malts of great character and distinction. The Dalmore Single Highland Malt Whisky Collection has won numerous, prestigious awards and is recognised as being one of the finest distilleries in the world.

From Norse and Gaelic, Dalmore means 'the big meadowland' referring to the rich and fertile Black Isle, on the opposite shore of the Cromarty Firth from the distillery. The pure water of the River Alness is used to produce The Dalmore.


The Dalmore Distillery was owned by Kyndal. The creation of the Kyndal International Ltd. with its strap line - "The Brightest Spirit" - followed the formation of the new company after the largest ever management buy-out in Scotland, in October 2001. Kyndal was developed from the word "Kindle", which means to set on fire or to arouse. It actually comes from an old Norse word, Kynda, which was integrated into the Scottish language. In July 2003 the name was changed to Whyte & Mackay, after their founders.


The distillery is set up in an old farmhouse, one of the things that makes this clear are the small still that they were just able to fit in. Due to the fact that the stills were so small, they produced a heavy spirit. To produce a lighter spirit the wash stills are fitted with a cooler around the neck. This causes a reflux which makes the spirit much lighter as it would be otherwise.


The Dalmore just underwent a complete re-branding. The “cigar malt” and “black isle” expressions are replaced by the “King Alexander” expression a welcome edition to their range. With the new re-branding they are also getting themselves ready for the step to the new whisky countries that are waiting to be conquered.