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The first thing I saw when I crossed the bridge over the river Teith, was a sign that welcomed visitors. Deanston distillery, has long been a distillery that wasnít open to the public. About 2 years ago a visitor centre for trade-visitors and a shop were set up at the distillery, and now the distillery is opening for visitors. It is however not a hugely set up visitor centre, as you will find at most distilleries that are open for visitors. Therefore you need to make an appointment to visit the distillery. But still, Deanston is open to visitors and it is certainly worth showing.

The building doesnít have the usual signs that will tell you that you are arriving at a distillery. This is not so strange, as it was a mill before it was used for distilling purposes.

The staff is very proud of their distillery and it shows. The distillery has its own turbines, with which power is generated to run the distillery. The capacity is big enough to sell part of the energy they generate to the national grid. The whole distillery is still worked by hand, there is not a computer in the distillery. The distillery looks clean and all copperworks shines. Thinking that there was some new piping added. I was told that this was already there for quite a while and that it looked like this because they took so much pride in their distillery and their work, that they keep it as tidy and clean as possible.

Most beautiful part of this distillery is however to be found in the warehouses. We entered a racking warehouse and from there went into a dunnage warehouse. A drop in temperature between those two was noticeable. Looking up, I noticed a beautifully arched ceiling. This is certainly something that I havenít seen yet at any other distillery.

So yet another distillery that is worth a visit, and as it is not to far from Stirling it is possible to make a nice day out in the area.

The whisky is also something to reckon with. Their new 12 year old whisky, will surely makes it way to the whiskylovers. So the future of Deanston looks bright.