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The pictures in the slide show at the right, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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Returning to Pitlochry once again. I headed for Edradour again, my last visit was 2 years ago. A lot has happened since then, and I hope to be able to see some of those changes.

One of the changes, when I was at the distillery the were bottling the first Ballechin batch. The Burgundy matured Ballechin was the first to see the light. Last year the Madeira matured saw the light and just last month the Port Cask matured Ballechin was released. So the Ballechin Discovery Series now has 3 bottlings going.

Another great change you see straight away when you arrive at the distillery. Next to the parking there is a big building that was build since my last visit. This is the Signatory Vintage bottling hall and the warehouse from which they ship their Signatory, Edradour and Ballechin bottles. A report of this you can see in the Signatory Vintage section.

The distillery had a lot of visitors going round on tours when I arrived, and it kept going on in a steady pace during my whole visit. I first walked into the coffee shop, the shop is now fitted with all Edradour, Ballechin and Signatory Vintage bottlings that you can also buy in the visitors store. This gives you the chance to try some whiskies, so you can be sure you pick the right one.

The shop has grown larger, to enable them to house the whole Signatory Vintage range, and looks amazing.

From the shop I was taken for a walk. We passed the warehouse on the top of the hill of the distillery and landed in an open area behind the warehouse. Further up they were cutting down trees. I was told that the current warehouses would be replaced by 3 completely new dunnage warehouses, for which they were making the necessary preparations. So during my next visit there will be something new again at the distillery. The distillery is changing in rapidly, although the distillery itself isn’t changing that much, it is the whole area surrounding the distillery that they are getting ready to fit their requirements.

When visiting the distillery there is not that much new, or it would have to be that the number of people that is available to give tours or help you in the shops in still growing. But this time there was something really new to the distillery, there is a new mill in the distillery that looks quite strange, when you are used to the Porteus mills, that you usually find in distilleries. This is really new and I never have seen one like this in a distillery before.

Further it is business as always at the distillery, with one more change. Now that the Signatory Vintage bottling hall and offices are also in Pitlochry, owner Andrew Symington is spending a lot of time at this distillery and is overseeing all the activities in the distillery himself. He didn’t wear the overall that you will see him in at all the festivals, where you can see him, but he was everywhere in the distillery, in the shop. “A young man, with a vision” as one of the signs at the coffee shop said, is home at his own distillery.





The pictures in the slide show at the right, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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Scotland’s smallest distillery, this title is since years attached with the Edradour distillery. During the 1990’s I visited the distillery several times, and even though I new what was expecting me, I still loved to go up there.

     The last visit being in 1996, it was a big question what I would find visiting it 10 years later. Especially,

since in 2002 Andrew Symington, owner of Signatory Vintage, took over the distillery. Andrew’s dedication makes that the expectations were quite high. Starting out with ‘legend’ Ian Henderson (formerly Laphroaig), as his distillery manager, he started to build on his new acquired distillery. In February 2006, Ian stopped as distillery manager and was replaced by Willie MacDougall (formerly Oban). About 2 weeks after the visit to the distillery I was informed that Willie MacDougall is leaving Edradour again.

     When arriving at the distillery Willie was working as a mash man, as one of the 3 man staff has a day off. It looks like nothing has changed, and for the distillery itself that is surely the case. You will still find the cask iron mash tun, the Morton refrigerator and the smallest still allowed by law. So did nothing change in those 10 years.

     Yes, there were changes, on arriving you don’t arrive in a cold shed, but in a nice looking ‘coffee shop’, where you can wait for your tour with a cup of coffee or tea, or even with a dram from the Edradour and Signatory Vintage range. Another change is the look of the distillery shop and although they are still planning to enlarge the shop, it currently shows an impressive range of whiskies for a distillery of this size.

     Most important change for now is that in September 2006, the launch of the newest malt is planned. Ever since the start in 2002, Andrew and Ian have been working on a peated whisky. Now 4 years later the spirit is of such quality that the ‘Ballechin’ single malt will be launched.

     All in all, the distillery is looking as strong as ever. Attracting lots of visitors and running stronger than ever before.





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