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If you visit Fettercairn it almost looks if time stood still. Arriving in the village Fettercairn was already exciting, the bus went up there from Brechin 3 to 4 times a day, so you had to watch out you were on the bus in time to get there. The bus stops just outside of Fettercairn and you get a first glimpse of the distillery just before you are dropped off.

The first you see is the Royal Arch, through which you enter the village. The first you see is a lovely old town, and after a little walk you arrive at the distillery. The distillery looks nice, but it also looks like time stood still as there is still the “Old Fettercairn” sign up on the front of the distillery. Next thing I noticed the distillery is silent. Forsyth’s was working in the distillery, so they were in there silent season.

Tucked away behind one of the warehouses you find the visitor facilities. After a friendly welcome I start looking around for interesting features, and yes, I found one. On the wall was a security notice for visitors and Whyte & Mackay still owned 7 distilleries according to the notice. The ladies saw my interest in the sign and explained to me that it was all about the security part of the sign and not about the names of the distilleries.

As the distillery was silent I was guided through and was also allowed to take pictures. The malting floors are still around but are not used anymore. In the maltings there are a lot of signs with locations from all over the world, these are all places the Fettercairn was shipped to.

Although silent it is a nice distillery to see, it is rather small. You might not say that if you see the grounds, but most of the buildings are warehouses and the distillery itself it very small and everything set close to each other. There are 2 pairs of stills and what got my attention was that of 1 pair the condensers were not in the building, while of the other pair they were. Looking outside I saw a wooden panel behind which the other condensers were hidden away.

Fettercairn is a nice distillery that due to the fact that it is out of the well known whisky centres, does not get the numbers of visitors that it would deserve. And when I returned in the visitor centre the security notice was changed, they cross out the distilleries that were sold through the years by Whyte & Mackay.




The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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