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The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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I arrived in Old Meldrum by bus, the bus driver put me of and said to walk on and I would see “Distillery Road” on my left. I walk into “Distillery Road” and first thing I saw were people tending to their garden. Halfway through the street I saw a large building, which would have to be Glen Garioch distillery. That large building is the maltings. All the malting floors are still in tact but there haven’t been maltings going at Glen Garioch for long. Although, there was a short test period to see how things worked. But the money that would have to be invested to get everything back into top-shape and the labour that this would bring with it, caused them to decide that it wasn’t worthwhile to start malting again at the distillery.

The distillery is fitted nicely and looks in great shape. The most beautiful part is the still house, 3 stills, 1 wash and 2 spirit stills are there. Spirit still 1 is only used as a back up and stands idle. The condensers look particularly nice as they are set up next to each other, this also means that the lyne arm of the wash still is quite long.

The visitor shop looks very nice and is proud to show you their video presentation. What’s next? Well after Bowmore in 2007, Auchentoshan in 2008, Glen Garioch is awaiting a re-branding in 2009. The re-branding operations of Bowmore and Auchentoshan have been quite drastic, wonder how they will take on Glen Garioch. As Glen Garioch is the least known of these three, a re-branding might help them to get a little more fame.