Latest update: June 1st 2015

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Glencadam is a distillery that is not open to visitors. One thing is clear it is surely not due to the people at the distillery, I got a warm welcome and I got a good taste of everything that the distillery has in store, or rather in their warehouses. But still, Glencadam is not a distillery that would serve as a visitor attraction. This distillery is beautiful, but there are so many stairways and steps, that health and safety would have a ball when they would visit.

As said, it is a lovely distillery, not very big, but still if you visit you are amazed about what is going on there. Of course, it is a distillery, but there are only 2 stills (one wash, one spirit). Nothing special about this, it has been like this for years, but it is not until you go into the filling store that you will be surprised about this distillery. An area of huge spirit tanks is added to the filling store. Yes, you can fill casks there, but there is much more, they can blend and shipped out tankers or containers filled with spirit whatever the customer requires. Glencadam does a lot of blending (blends and blended malts) for third parties, which can be transported from the facility in tankers or in containers that can be loaded on trucks or in containers. So even though Glencadam isnít that big, there are bulk loads of whisky shipped from there to the rest of the world.As this is almost the core business of Angus Dundee, the owner of Glencadam and also Tomintoul distillery, the promotion towards their distillery and distillery products is not really something they are worried about.

Maybe, if they release their Glencadam 10-year-old, which might happen towards the end of the year, the distillery will get a little more publicity. It certainly will not be a portfolio as large as Tomintoul distillery has. Simply enough, because the distillery is too small, to live up to those numbers.