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I certainly had my mind made up, as I started to arrange this trip. One of the distilleries I had to visit was Springbank. I was welcomed by Grant MacPherson, who gave a great tour through the distillery and the bottling plant, as well as a visit to Glengyle and a Cadenheadís tasting in one of the Springbank warehouses.














The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer Ė The Whisky Friend, and his travelling companion Hennie van Staden. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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Visiting Campbeltown is a great experience. Once this was the beating heart of the whisky industry. Now there are only 3 distilleries left. The best known of them is Springbank distillery. I you come into Campbeltown along the main road, you only see a small sign. Turning off the main road you see the distillery at the end.

†††††††† Springbank is one of the few distilleries that still has a malting floor. Unless the other distilleries, that do their own malting, Springbank malts their whole production themselves. To achieve this, the crew first starts malting until all the malt bins are filled, clearly marking them as Springbank produces 3 whiskies (Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn). They also do the malting for their other distillery, Glengyle.

†††††††† Only after they finished this they start the rest of the distilling process. As soon as all the malt has been used, they start malting again.

†††††††† This means however, that you will never see the whole process running, when you visit the distillery. Their 2 malting floors have a capacity of 12 tonnes each. After the malting the bins are filled, and marked for their content.

†††††††† The next step is the milling and then the cast-iron mash tun, with a capacity of 4 tonnes of grist. The distillery has 5 washbacks of boatskin larch with a capacity of 26,000 litres each. The stillhouse contains 3 stills. One wash still and 2 spirit stills. The wash still has an external heating system in the form of an oil fire, as well as internal steam coils. The spirit stills have steam coils only. Springbank has 6 warehouses, 2 racked and 4 dunnage.

In the building of the former Longrow distillery, which are across the alley, the distillery has their own bottling hall.