Latest update: May 15th 2008



Destilerías DYC was founded in 1959 by Nicodemes García. He and his associates decided to create the first whisky factory in Spain. The Local Government had to enact a specific Regulation for the production of whisky, because the consumption of grain whisky was not permitted. The first distillation was made that same year, and 4 years later, after the ageing process was completed, those spirits were sold. Year by year, Whisky DYC was becoming very popular so its consumption increased a lot. It was decided to set the Distillery in Palazuelos de Eresma, Segovia, because the Eresma river runs through that place, which has a very good quality water. The location was also perfect because it is an area of high grain production, its climate is ideal for whisky ageing, and it is located in the centre of Spain.

Since 1959, the plant has suffered huge modifications; i.e. the blending and the bottling plants have been moved to Valverde del Majano, a modern plant. DYC has been number one in the domestic market for a long time, and approximately 2,5 million cases per year have been sold. It is the favourite whisky among Spanish young people.

DYC Whisky is a blend of Grain and Malt whiskies aged in oak barrels. The first one is obtained from corn, and the second one from barley. Both are elaborated in the plant of Palazuelos de Erasma.