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Founded in 1935 after the repeal of Prohibition.The roots of history and the art of making America's true native spirit run deep at Heaven Hill. In the open-rick warehouses where the world's finest Bourbon ages in charred white oak, you can almost feel the presence of legends like William Heavenhill, the company's namesake, and Kentucky's Bourbon pioneers Evan Williams and the Rev. Elijah Craig.

More than six decades have passed since the five Shapira brothers drew their first barrel of Bourbon whiskey on a cold December day in 1935. Today, the company the founded - Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. - has grown to become the United States largest independent, family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirit products. Based in Bardstown, Kentucky, the vast majority of its operations - including its rickhouses for aging Bourbon, its facilities for storage, bottling and distribution, as well as its sales and marketing offices - occupy the same farmland once owned by the company's namesake, William Heavenhill, patriarch of an early Kentucky pioneer family.


Founded in 1935 by Gary, Ed, George, Mose and David Shapira, the company operates today under the direction of second generation family member Max L. Shapira, who serves as president. Harry Shapira is the company's vice president and treasurer while Jeff Homel is the president of the sales company, Heaven Hill - Evan Williams Co. Inc. Parker Beam with decades of experience as a Master Distiller - is now assisted by his son, Craig. Together they represent their family's seventh and eighth generation of Master Distillers.

Building on its philosophy of offering the trade a merchandisable, marketable and well-supported brand in virtually every segment of the industry, over the last two decades Heaven Hill has moved beyond its traditional scope of

American whiskey products to become a broadly diversified spirits supplier. The company's success is built on the fact that it is large enough to market brands aggressively in the U.S. and throughout the world, yet small enough to care about every brand and be responsive to the needs of every customer. The formula for growth begins with an unwavering commitment to developing and supporting its current portfolio of brands, while continuing to diversify by adding new products through internal development, agency relationships and acquisitions. All of the company's internationally acclaimed line of Bourbon whiskeys - including the Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Old Fitzgerald brands - are distilled at the historic Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, with a Bourbon-making tradition dating back to 1852. Packaging and distribution facilities for Heaven Hill are located in Bardstown. Between its Bardstown and Louisville facilities, Heaven Hill employs nearly 400 people.

Thanks to Erin L. Fauss, Corporate Communications Administrator of Heaven Hills Distilleries Inc, for his kind support.