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2015 Whisky Passion’s first edition for 2015, an editorial by Jurgen van Dijk. Subject: “Moet Schotland vrezen voor de ‘buitenlanders’?”. “Should Scotland be afraid of the ‘foreigners’?”. Jurgen asked me for my opinion on this subject and almost one of the three pages was filled with the information I provided. No miniatures, but nice to see that my opinion is valued.

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2014 September the documentary “Nederland Whiskyland”, English title “The Netherlands Land Of Whisky”, had its premiere at Film by the Sea in Vlissingen.


Director of the documentary, Gwen Jansen also visited my while filming for the documentary. And yes a small part of the interview turned up in the documentary. Here you can see a few screenshots of me in the documentary.


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2014 the April edition of Whisky Passion, leading whisky magazine for the Netherlands en the Flemish part of Belgium, there was an editorial about me and my collection under the title “De hele wereld in een kast’”, “The whole world in a cabinet”.

The interview was conducted by Jurgen van Dijk. The pictures are taken by me, and the one off me was taken by Ronald Zwartepoorte, the editor and owner of the Whisky Passion magazine.

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Scannen0001In the Autumn edition of the Dutch whisky magazine “WHISKY etc.”, there was an editorial printed about me and my collection. The interview was conducted by Judith Eldering, who also made the pictures for this editorial. With her kind permission I also use these pictures for my website.

On the front page in says “Kleine flesjes, grote merken”, “Little bottles, big brands”. The title of the editorial reads “Paul Verstappen: Grote verzamelaar in kleine flesjes”, “Paul Verstappen: Big collector in small bottles”.


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