Arriving on Arran


Ailsa Bay distillery


Deanston distillery


B&B Castle Kirkarran, Lochranza


Isle of Arran distillery


Bladnoch distillery


Wigtown harbour


Tullibardine distillery


Me, at Tullibardine distillery


Daftmill distillery

October 17th 2009:

Finally I am going on holiday. Bad news as I have to leave early. There are railworks in the Netherlands and I have to do part of the trip by train. The check in at the airport goes exceptionally smooth, but than the plane is late. We leave about 45 minutes late. Arriving at Edinburgh, I head out for the station. I am heading for Glasgow, and the train has to be diverted due to railworks. Finally I make it to the hotel for a quiet evening.


October 18th 2009:

Heading out for Arran. No train, but there is a replacement bus. The bus gets to the ferry straight on time and the trip goes smoothly. Now just prepare for my visit at the distillery tomorrow. I already had a sneak preview and hope I will have a great visit.


October 19th 2009:

Visiting the Isle of Arran distillery. A really nice distillery, they are currently within the top 5 of distillery visitor centres, with regards to the number of visitors.

The island life is beautiful, deer walking across the street. In the hills you hear them roar. When going out at night, I chased them away with my flashlight.


October 20th 2009:

Heading back to the mainland. The is a quite heavy wind, and I almost get blown away waiting for the bus. On the ferry, you donít notice anything of this at all. Back in Glasgow, still have the whole afternoon, so I decided to pay a visit to Auchentoshan distillery. The rebranding that has taken place, is all through the distillery. Even the visitor facilities have been completely renewed since my last visit.


October 21st 2009:

A visit to Girvan distillery, after my visit to Invergordon distillery last year, this will be my second visit to a grain distillery. A beautiful experience, as well as the cooperage at the site. Most amazing however where the Hendrickís gin distillery and Ailsa Bay distillery.


October 22nd 2009:

A day of travelling, although the buses were late, and very busy, it a work out beautifully.


October 23rd 2009:

Visiting Bladnoch distillery, they distillery is not running right now and the guys are bottling a great version of Bladnoch. A great tour which once more shows how huge differences can be between distilleries.

In the afternoon visited the booktown Wigtown. Wondering why it is called booktown, well about every second store in town has to do with books. Even visited Wigtown harbour, although there was not much of a harbour to recognize.


October 24th 2009:

Heading back to Glasgow. Waiting for my bus in Bladnoch, I already was soaking. Rain really struck, for the first time since I arrived. There had been some rain every now and then, but not too bad. During the trip I sometimes had the idea that we were on a submarine, when the bus once again hit a huge pool of water. We survived and the closer we got to Glasgow, the better the weather appeared to get. There was even some sunshine, although there still was some rain, it was a nice afternoon. In the evening finally found out where a restaurant that I use to visit when I am in Glasgow moved to. From the busy St. Vincent Street, they moved to the Merchant Quarter. A really nice place where young and old are visiting their favourite restaurant, bar or even club.


October 25th 2009:

Leaving Glasgow for the last time this trip. I am heading toward Edinburgh. First stop is Doune. Sadly enough the train is about 10 minutes late in Stirling. I had about 13 minutes to catch the bus to Doune, which I now missed. This means waiting for 2 hours until the next one will arrive. When time finally arrives, during the trip I already get a view on Deanston distillery, which I will visit tomorrow. The bus driver is nice enough to put me off, just in front of the hotel. I have to say bus drivers in Scotland are in general not only very good drivers, as you need to be on these roads, they are also very friendly and very helpful. They made part of my traveling certainly a little bit easier.


October 26th 2009:

Visiting Deanston distillery, a very nice distillery with one particularly beautiful warehouse. On seeing this building you wouldnít think, that you see a distillery but it is and it is worth visiting too. And thatís also the positive news that I can bring: The distillery is now open to visitors. You will have to make an appointment to visit, but they are just starting to set things up, and the number of visitors that they will allow, will be restricted. So make sure that you call them before turning up at the distillery.


October 27th 2009:

I am now in Blackford, the town of Highland Spring and Tullibardine. Sadly enough, I didnít realise that I would be so close to Highland Spring. So it was too late to organise a visit.

When you enter Blackford, there is a shopping mall of which the distillery and its visitor centre are part. The distillery look rather small, but is certainly worth a visit. Especially if you like the architectal work of Delmť Evans.


October 28th 2009:

In travelling mode again. This time to Ladybank from where it is a short taxi trip to Daftmill distillery. The taxi driver knew the farm, but didnít know that they were also distilling whisky. A small distillery, run as it started in the past, as part of a farm. Owner Francis Cuthbert runs the farm and distillery on his own. Still he found some time to show me round, and the spirit shows certainly a lot of promise. Sadly enough we probably have to wait at least another 3 to 5 years before there will be any whisky released.


October 29th & 30th 2009:

Visiting Edinburgh. Now it is time to be a tourist and go through town looking for miniatures, cdís and whisky. On the Royal Mile there are some great whisky shops and bars, so no problems to get through the day.


October 31st 2009:

Flying home again. Another great trip to Scotland, with as always very hospitable people.